Saturday, April 30, 2016

#WHCD--Another McCain Holiday Speech--NO SOLUTION, #CAGOP, TRUMP RALLY



"Under this Administration, we've been on a holiday from American leadership. Too often, President Obama has adopted a cheap fatalism about America's role in the world. No matter the challenge, we're told that there are no good options, that our influence is limited, that we will not succeed overnight, that there is no military solution, and that we can't solve every problem."

the belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable.
a submissive outlook, resulting from a fatalistic attitude.
synonyms: passive acceptance, resignation, stoicism, acceptance of the inevitable;

President Obama has recently come out of the foreign policy closet on his failure to achieve success in Libya; some are even saying that it would have been better left under the iron grip of Khadaffi. If anything, it was one of the highlights of his leadership in spite of the current status quo of the country.

The President did not act alone and cannot bear the full responsibility of the consequences. In fact, Senator McCain fails to understand that when a decision is made on the executive level, whether or not all of the outcomes are considered or even imagined, it is still in the best interests of leadership in general to execute the order rather than delay it.

Who could say where the Arab Spring actually began? Tunisia?  Although the original revolt began there, it was not until the army moved on Benghazi that the West decided to act, and it did not act alone. There was a very good option, Odyssey Dawn, neutralize the Libyan army, pay the piper in the aftermath, it comes with the territory. It was a good military solution..

Withdrawal from Iraq followed many years of outright occupation that began on what many believe was a falsehood, but it didn't matter when the bombs began to fall over Baghdad. Where were you when Shock & Awe hit? On vacation? On a holiday?  Was it a sound military decision or just another invasion of the Middle East by foreign powers. All of the above. The last of a dying breed that America had grown weary of.

Under new leadership the consensus was to allow everything that McCain said in his speech the other day to be the New Normal. The world was changing, it was time for America to come home, let Russia and China go about bullying the world, imposing their iron fist on the weak and on the less fortunate.

No, there aren't any good options, no military solutions, and America needs to solve its problems at home; the rights of citizens, the economy, where we stand on immigration, who can go into what bathroom and how to stop drugs from killing our kids. There are solutions to those problems and Obama set out on a course to focus his administration on those problems. If the world goes to Hell in a handbasket, don't blame America, it was headed there and we tried to stop it.

There are solutions to complex problems with innumerable variables. Rationalize, substitute, look for the partial answer until the entire complexity of the equation can be simplified, study your calculus Senator McCain...


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