Wednesday, June 15, 2016

HEAT WAVE..!!--Realtime Screenplay by JC Langelle--LAGUNA BEACH

HEAT WAVE..!!--by JC Langelle



EXT. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, Sunset. TOURISTS, LOCALS, BEACH RIFF RAFF all stroll, hang around, profile on the boardwalk, on the sidewalk; some play volleyball, others basketball, there is a slight overcast as the sun is setting beyond Catalina Island out on the Pacific Ocean.

Further South on Highway One is the famous Sandpiper Bar where LOCALS  and TOURISTS  have crowded in to wait energy filled evening with a popular  reggae band known as the HUMAN RACE.

INT. Sandpiper. Barstools are filled with local colorful patrons such as CRAZY JACK, GARY BIG EARS, LAUGHING RICHARD, GIRL TERRI, STRANGE JODI, STRANGE ROBERT and over in a crowded corner beyond the excitement sit TIM SOLDIER and HECTOR LOPEZ, already well on their way to a very loose evening. They are surrounded by any number of hot BEACH BABES and a stack of empty drink glasses clutter the table. The HUMAN RACE is setting up on a cramped stage nearby as the WAITRESS drops by the table.

Another round?

Roger that, we need more ammo.

WAITERESS acknowledges and winds her way through the crowded tables back to the bar and places the order with the bartender, DENNIS "SMOKEIT" REDDY. On a TV behind the bar, the weatherman, Godfrey Phelps, is busy going over the weather data.

Hey Smokeit, turn up the sound on the tube. let's get the latest on the weekend weather.

No Problem

SMOKEIT turns up the volume and the crowd lowers the cacophony to a loud raor.

PHELPS (On the tube)
Well it looks like this  will be one for the record books. It's already been tagged "Heatmegaddon" and the local agencies are gearing up for what may be a long sweltering weekend.

Unknown to all even as PHELPS continues his weathercast, a small contingent of Middle Eastern types, led by gorgeous brown eyed, black haired FATIMA,  enter the Sandpiper and quietly make their way over to the table where SOLDIER and HECTOR are oblivious to the surroundings.

Excuse me please, are you Tim Soldier?

Yeah, well who wants to know? We just got back from...

SOLDIER (Interrupts)
Hector, you need to work on your communication skills. Hello, I am Tim Soldier, and who are you?

I am Fatima, the daughter of the Ambassador to Yemen. These are the humble members of my entourage.

Nice to meet you, Fatima, and the rest of you. This is my not-so-humble partner Hector Lopez. However he makes up for his lack of political correctness by being an outstanding field journalist and videographer.

Hello Hector, your reputation is well known throughout the Middle East, and yours as well, Tim Soldier.

Back behind the bar, SMOKEIT has served up the next round of drinks as PHELPS continues with the heat report.

We can expect some scorched earth over the weekend and well into next week, especially for the Inland Empire where temps are expected to top of just below 120 degrees in some spots.

WAITRESS returns to table, drops off another round of drinks for SOLDIER and HECTOR.

Well now Fatima, I am curious just how you found us here in Laguna.

I have friends in high places. My father is friends with certain Somali warlords, who by the way, one of them you ditched on the way to New Orleans, and he's pretty hot about it right now.


He'll get over it after a few Hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's  on Bourbon Street. Oh, by the way, do any of you need a drink?

We cannot consume alcohol but some iced tea would be very refreshing.

HECTOR (Getting up)
Here Fatima, grab a chair. I'll go over to the bar and scare up some iced tea.

FATIMA (Sitting down)
Thank you, Hector.

Others in the entourage find their way to a nearby sofa and sit down.

In fact it was Muhammed who had you traced through his connections with the airlines to where you flew and, with a rather extensive underground network at LAX, it wasn't hard to trace you to the Hotel Laguna where we have friends on the staff. They overheard you talking about the Sandpiper in the lounge.

Looks like I'll have to tighten up my security. Anyway, what's on your mind?

My father, he's been missing for a few days . He visited the embassy here in Los Angeles and soon afterward, disappeared. It hasn't been reported to the news but the embassy thinks he's been abducted. Some of the surveillance video shows some very suspicious activity just before he disappeared.

I am sorry to hear that. Are there any leads? Phone calls, text messages, notes?

Nothing but with his recent criticism of one of the candidate's remarks over a proposed Muslim immigration ban, we fear it may have been related to that. Los Angeles, and down here in Orange County especially, there has been some serious blowback to not just the candidate's rhetoric, but what happened in Florida a few days ago. It's like the entire Arab world is being blamed for some nutcase lone wolf extremist sympathizer.

Yes, well it's a reaction to political correctness that's spreading all across the country, it seems nobody wants to treat others as they themselves would be treated. I'll need more details so see what the embassy people know, get as much surveillance video as you can. Hector is an expert at picking out details on tape that went unnoticed.

As if by cue, HECTOR returns with a tray full of glasses of iced tea, distributes them to the entourage and sets the last one down on the table in front of FATIMA.

Thank you, Hector.

Hector, Fatima has an interesting assignment for us, I'll fill you in on the details back at the hotel.


Onstage, the HUMAN RACE tunes up, the drummer hits a few quick rolls and the band lights up, drowning out PHELPS on the tube.

We are the Human Race, we will interface, The People...



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