Friday, July 29, 2016



(VILLAGE BUREAU)--Had the same amount of time and effort and personnel been invested in finding the killer of the staffer as it was to hype the Philadelphia convention, an arrest would have already been made.  Since no arrest, no clues, no leads are available, another look at what is available is in order.

The victim was walking home late at night, on a Sunday night. According to news, Roommate(s) report he had just left his Girlfriend's house. Well if he just left her house, then why was he talking to her on the phone? Unless she threw him out and there was a fight in progress and he was trying to make up.

Girlfriend was the last person to talk to Victim alive, that is, unless words were exchanged with the Assailant(s), and they probably were. Usually the last person to talk to the Victim leaves out a whole bunch of details and the Police need to give Girlfirend a thorough going over.

The leading cause of murder is not, as some may think, robbery, but a personal conflict. What are the options here?

1.) SUICIDE--The victim obviously didn't beat himself up, throw himself on the ground a couple of times, then run, shoot himself in the back then hide the weapon before he dropped over in the street.

2.) JEALOUSY-- This is the strongest motive and it brings into play everybody the Victim knew.

Any one of the above would have a motive to kill. The strongest motive is the Girlfriend and another jealous (spurned) Lover. The Victim, late at night, is walking home from a fight with Girlfriend, but is being tailed by somebody, in a car or on foot, the Lover. Victim calls Girlfriend and wants to know what's going on but it's too late, Lover confronts Victim on the dark street, a fight ensues with Lover and perhaps other Assailant(s), Victim breaks and runs, is shot in the back.

Other motives have been developed, the usual one is Robbery.  However, robbery is one thing; robbery and murder is something completely different. Since the Victim still had all of his personal belongings and money, including the phone which could have incriminated the  Assailant(s), then this motive has to be given less consideration, but not by much.

All the other motives, the Conspiracy stuff, although far-fetched and  rather absurd, still, cannot be ruled out.

FORENSICS--There is plenty of evidence already. Since there was a scuffle, then whomever the Victim fought with has left a trail. No police report has yet to be released, in fact, there has been very little information given out by investigators. They know something, they're not telling.

The neighborhood may or may not have a  number of surveillance cameras and certainly it would be very useful to examine all of the digital content of the cameras, since it would be easy to spot any late night activity, even a block away.


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