Thursday, December 29, 2016

BILL DE BLASIO--NYC Mayor Drops Ball on Times Square Tradition--NY DAILY NEWS TRASHES KEOKUK, IOWA


(CHOSIN RESERVOIR, NORTH KOREA)-- Even as the 5th Marines battles its way down Hellfire Valley toward Koto-Ri,  one has to stop and wonder what the Mayor was thinking.

He might as well ask why people bother to stand in long lines at ski lifts just to skid down a mountain slope on a pair of sticks; or why thousands sit in icy stadiums each weekend hoping to see their favorite team score a touchdown somewhere out on the field during a blizzard.

As if that isn't enough, what about the NY Daily News article where the following was written by Leonard Greene.

“New Year’s Eve we expect as per usual, over a million people. I’m not quite sure why a million people want to stand in the freezing cold for long, long periods of time,” said de Blasio, who sounded more like the mayor of Keokuk, Iowa, than the mayor of New York City."

As this post is being written, the temperature in Keokuk is currently 35 degrees and it's a heat wave in the Big Apple at 39 degrees. Lenny has probably never been to Keokuk, much less Iowa.

Remember also that Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus along with what's her name. President-elect Trump, obviously being left out in the cold,  called the Iowa caucus "very unfair."

But nobody loves standing around out in the cold more than the US Marines...

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