Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#VENEZUELA--Latin Spring of 2017---OAS-EXIT: ANALYSIS--


(FRONT LINES)-- Clearly the momentum has now shifted from the streets of Caracas to the international scene as the OAS, in an emergency meeting today, has ratcheted up the pressure on the Maduro regime to put an end to the repression throughout Venezuela and come to terms with the opposition forces.

On the streets of Caracas, and in other major cities across the country, the decision by the dictator to bail out of the organization should come as no surprise as Maduro chooses to isolate himself even further from the international community in a desperate attempt to hold on to power.

Venezuela's government says it will begin withdrawing from the Organization of American States, in reaction to growing international pressure on the socialist-run South American nation.
Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez says President Nicolas Maduro will send a letter Thursday to the Washington-based OAS renouncing its membership in the hemispheric body.
The decision had been expected. It came a short while after envoys to the OAS approved a resolution convening a special meeting of regional foreign ministers to discuss Venezuela's crisis.
Rodriguez says Maduro's administration has been forced to counter what it sees as an attempt by the OAS and conservative regional governments to topple Maduro.
Clearly it is no "attempt" at all to bring his regime to an end, but an outright effort, probably from within, in spite of accusations of foreign intervention. If the OAS withdrawal is approved, Maduro will scratch Venezuela's signatory status that has been in effect since the founding of the group nearly sixty years ago. Not even some of the more repressive regimes such as that of Cuba has considered an exit from the OAS and it will now be up to those who side with Maduro to follow suit, possibly bringing on the dissolution of the charter altogether.

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