Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#VENEZUELA--March on Ombudsman's Office 4/26--AFTER ACTION REPORT--


((INTL EDITION)--Following update on the unsuccessful attempt to blocade central Caracas--


As expected, the march called by the opposition that sought to reach the Ombudsman's Office was brutally suppressed by state security bodies, while the official concentration could reach the very Palace of Miraflores.
From several points in Caracas, thousands of demonstrators marched once to reach the Office of the Ombudsman to demand the activation of the mechanism to dismiss the judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the TSJ, but were repelled with tear gas, pepper spray and pellets for The Bolivarian National Police.
Demonstrators marching from the east were repulsed on the Francisco Fajardo motorway at the El Recreo shopping mall, while others from Santa Monica were scattered along the San Pedro church with gases that even affected the children of a Nearby school
At least one journalist was injured in the fray.


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